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A Arte de Pontear Viola

Mobile APP UI and UX

“The Art of Playing Country Guitar” ( free translation ) is an Mobile APP version of a DVD that shows a series of lessons, videos and examples of how to learn to play the Brazilian Country Guitar.  Since is a large number of classes, videos and lots of categories, I’ve decided it was best to keep it as simple as possible, making it simple to follow classes, find lessons and see what lessoas the user already finished.

Home Screen

Here I wanted to always show a Featured Lesson, which can be the following lesson of the last lesson taken by the user, or a lesson which the user didn’t complete yet.

The lessons are divided in 3 main modules: Hand Mechanics, Country Rythms and Progressive Studies, so they are in a very featured position, so its easy to decide where to go first.

On the bottom there’s a menu that shows how to Tune the guitar, how to read the music and more help.

Category Screen

Each Category has it’s Chapters. The Screen shows the main Chapters, but also I wanted it to show how many lessons there are in each chapter and the time you need to finish them, so the user can chose a lesson that best fits the time he/her have to study.

The number on the side of each Chapter name shows how many lessons the user have left to take. I thought this is going to be a nice way for the user follow the lessons and don’t get confused which were taken and which wasn’t.

Lessons List

Each Chapter has it’s lessons, divided into sections.
The lessons that were already taken get this blue check mark.

The bottom menu was taken out because:
1.This list can go up to 30 lessons, so the list can be quite big;
2. There is no function for that bottom menu here so no need to loose that space.

Lesson Screen

On the lesson page, like on the DVD, there’s 3 angles of video playing and the Music Sheet showing the notes.
Also you con zoom on a particylar video or let only th music sheet on the screen.